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Coffee is our profession since 1784!

Beukenhorst Coffee is the right adress for professional coffee machines and the finest coffee at work or catering. Our roastery exists since 1784 and is one of the oldest in Europe!

Top quality coffee in your case

Excellence comes in a lot of flavours at Beukenhorst Coffee. Our assortment offers whole beans, ground beans for coffee filter machines, as well as ground beans for fresh-brew machines.
All varieties, with the exception of the fresh brew blend, are also available in decaffeinated version, of course with the typical Beukenhorst taste. Your choice is there for sure!

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Coffee at your office

Saeco and Beukenhorst Coffee make it very easy! The Saeco Aulika Top has the capacity to deliver fantastic espresso, cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button. The perfect coffeemachine at your office. In combination with our freshly roasted beans we guarantee you the finest cup of coffee!

  • Easily create a real espresso or cappuccino at work
  • Maintenance and service by are own technical staff
  • Always with the finest coffee beans

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The story behind Beukenhorst Coffee

Our roastery exists since 1784. When Albert Beukenhorst settled in Winterswijk as coffee roaster and retailer. Since then we roast the finest Arabica coffee beans through the traditional drum system. Therefore the coffee beans are given time to develop a good taste while retaining their important flavors. Slow food at its best!

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Choice of 3 quality brands

Beukenhorst offers you the choice of three different brands. All three are 100% Arabica blends, but differ in character and flavor. Each brand has its own identity through its unique service and matching accessories such as drip catchers, sugar sticks and milk cups. You decide which brand is best for your business.

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