Green coffee?

Coffee beans are at harvest green colored. They get their characteristic brown coffee color, after being burned.

About coffee
Coffee beans are berries on bushes that grow in tropical areas. The beans themselves are "packaged" (always two-fold) in a green shell. After the coffee berries are picked, the skin is removed and two beans remain. These beans are dried on the floor in the sun. Raw coffee beans are green colored. They do not get their characteristic brown coffee color until after they have been burned.

Originally, coffee stems from East Africa (Ethiopia) and eventually the coffee culture entered Europe through the Middle East. The Europeans, as with many other commodities, started plantations of coffee in their overseas colonies, including Indonesia, Brazil and Columbia. That time, the Dutch owned with the port of Amsterdam, one of the major trading centers in the world. Which helped the coffee business to florish enormously.

Where does coffee come from nowadays?
The main countries where coffee is grown include Brazil, Guatemala and Kenya. Each country, of course, has its own climate and geographical features that have impact on the quality of the coffee bean.

Brazil is best known and is the largest coffee exporter in the world. Due to its vastness and the large climate differences, you'll find a wide variety of coffees to choose from. Coffees grown near the coast, taste different than coffees from the interior. The famous Brazil coffee is mainly used as a catalyst in coffee blends.

Another important American coffee country is Guatemala. The coffee plantations there are at a higher altitude (1500 meters) than in Brazil. The extremely fertile mountain slopes are the ideal subtropical climate for coffee bushes. Here is grown the best Arabica coffee of South America. A mild creamy, aromatic and slightly sweet coffee.

In Africa Ethiopia and Kenya are the largest coffee exporters. With an even higher altitude than Guatemala (2000 meters) the coffee thrives in this tropical climate. These Arabica coffee beans have a mild-aromatic, slightly spicy taste.

The well-known Robusta species are mainly grown at lower level, especially in Western Africa eg. Cameroon and Togo. These coffees are full-bodied and spicy.