Our roastery exists since 1784!

Pico Bello on Aruba

In 1991 we started our adventure and came to Aruba to start an ice cream parlor. As we started to grow and moved to a larger place with a seating area, we wanted to also serve coffee.
Since we are Dutch we looked for the best Coffee Roaster in Holland we could find and immediately fell for the soft mild taste of Beukenhorst Coffee. And we were not the only ones ....

You can enjoy the excellent taste of Beukenhorst Coffee at several of Aruba's best and most exclusive restaurants.

Beukenhorst Classic

the familiar Beukenhorst create

We consciously choose up to 5, exclusively Arabica species, in a single blend. Carefully and slowly roasted in a traditional drum burner according to the "slow roasting" method. This makes the species are better justice. The result: the ever-familiar "Beukenhorst Create" is recognized everywhere!

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The secret of roasting coffee

At Beukenhorst we roast the best Arabica coffee beans by using the traditional drum system. This means the coffee beans have time to develop a great taste while maintaining their all-important aromas.

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