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Our roaster has been around since 1784. When Albert Beukenhorst settled in Winterswijk as coffee roaster and coffee provider. Our coffee selection is made with care to meet your specific needs.

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The experience of roasting we've gained over the centuries can be tasted in our coffee. We develop and roast our blends with the finest coffee beans from all over the world.
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Choice of 3 quality brands

Beukenhorst offers you the choice of three different brands. All three are 100% Arabica blends, but differ in character and flavor. Each brand has its own identity through its unique service and matching accessories such as drip catchers, sugar sticks and milk cups. You decide which brand is best for your business.

Will it be an espresso machine or a fully automatic coffee machine?

Professional espresso machines, the famous Italian barista coffee machines.
Here you can determine the grind of the beans and the water pressure.
This gives you a direct influence on the taste and can develop you into a real barista. The Italian Faema which is our partner.

Fully automatic coffee makers, these are pre-programmed to make all kinds of coffee specialties such as espresso or café latte with the possibility of a milder café creme or tea. One press of the button is enough!
In this segment we represent two renowned German manufacturer WMF en Melitta.


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Coffee: the showcase for hospitality!

A restaurant or hotel, a grand-café or small coffee corner, no matter what segment of the hospitality industry you are in, your performance will also be judged by the quality of your cup of coffee.

Serve also our delicious espresso or cappuccino.
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