Sento Authentic Coffee

100% fairtrade coffee, with the Max Havelaar trademark

Quality and sustainability fit together perfectly

Sustainability and Sento are closely linked. Sento coffee meets all the fairtrade conditions.
The Fairtrade Max Havelaar label guarantees this coffee is bought at a fair price and at international fairtrade conditions. Farmers and farmer cooperatives in developing countries receive this fair price directly and can spend this money on including improvements and innovations in their coffee plantations. On top of this fair purchase price, an additional premium is paid to the local community which can be spend, for example, on infrastructural projects in their immediate vicinity or in local education. Sento: the best for two worlds!

Sento is feeling.

In this case feel for people and the environment. Coffee produced with a view to the future, so generations to come can still enjoy!

Modern tableware in bright colors with matching sugar sticks an milk cups underline the fair character of this coffee.

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